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Team First

"Good products come from a good team." That's our motto. At Fourdesire, we believe a perfect product has the power to reach the entire world, but to make a great product you first need a great group of people. Creative, passionate people from all sorts of backgrounds make up our team. It's what builds the foundation of Fourdesire.

If you believe what we believe, if you're passionate about digital design, if you're overflowing with creative energy, if you've always been curious, crafty, and a little quirky, we want you to come join us! Fourdesire is the perfect team for you to develop and grow professionally.

  • Communication is Key
    We trust each other and share knowledge, ideas, and opinions. As far as we're concerned, team first means caring about our work, but caring about each other more! We value a work environment where thoughts can be shared freely. So no matter what happens, we know together we can solve anything that comes our way.
  • Full of Curiosity
    We're curious about every little thing in life. We love to figure out the hidden logic behind things, and dig in deep to figure out what makes things tick. We're interdisciplinary thinkers, and dabble in all sorts of subjects. Our artists and designers like to read up on the latest technologies to provide a foundation for their skills, and our engineers enjoy learning about humanities and the arts to help create more beauty in the world.
  • Complete Creativity
    Thinking up weird ideas comes as naturally as breathing. In any situation no matter what, if we see things differently than others we're not afraid to stand up and voice our opinion. We know inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, and taking bold risks often leads to some of the most important product development. We're completely creative, courageous in facing challenges, and never afraid to say what we think, even when it differs from those around us.
  • Embrace Mistakes
    We know how to communicate when things aren't working out. When a mistake happens, we're not afraid to accept it, face it head on, and share it with the team as a learning experience. We support each other and appreciate constructive criticism. This way, everyone becomes better as a result.

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Product Team Taipei, Taiwan Full Time
Do you love design the way we do? Are you particularly interested in how technology and people interact in the real world? Are you fascinated by the way interactive design can have an impact on people's lives? Fourdesire's interfaces designers are responsible for designing beautifully intuitive interfaces, working with the artists to discuss how to best provide information through the screen, and working with the engineers to create completely finished products.
Product Team Taipei, Taiwan Full Time
Are you like us and care about product stability and reliability? Do you have high expectations for server speed, quality, and efficiency? Fourdesire back-end engineers are responsible for maintaining a server accessed by over 100,000 people each day and for giving our users an unceasingly high-quality product experience.
Product Team Taipei, Taiwan Full Time
At Fourdesire, our mobile developers are like wizards from a magical world. We create magic from mystery, develop wonders from the emptiness to create apps that are almost like living beings themselves. Fourdesire developers work closely with the designers and artists to face a continuous line of challenges and make decisions that help each other develop and grow stronger.
How We Hire?

We really value our employees. To make a great team, we believe that hiring is the most important thing in the world. Our hiring process is very different, there will be 6 steps and normally take 3 - 4 weeks.

It’s a two way process! In the process, our interviewers will do our best to understand you, and you should at the same time do our best to figure out the company is fit you.

We respect all vary positions, so all open positions in Fourdesire will all take the same process. If you are interested to apply our open positions, please read the instruction before you submit your resume or portfolio.



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