Product Background Our Team's Story and Spirit

Creating Fun: A Fairytale

Fourdesire began in the summer of 2012 when a group of friends got together and began discussing their ideas on how fun could be used solve problems and improve lives. The original Fourdesire workspace was only about 200 ft², but inside it a handful of people passionately discussed their ideas on all the ways creating fun in the world could solve the everyday problems most people face.

At the beginning of 2013, Fourdesire put out its first prototype app, Plant Nanny. The goal was to build a game in which users could cultivate cute plants on their phone and in turn cultivate their own habit of drinking more water daily. By March of 2014, Plant Nanny had been downloaded over two million times worldwide. In succeeding to bring Plant Nanny's cute plant characters to the screens of these two million cell phones across the globe, we've also succeeded in planting the seed of healthy habits in people's daily routines.

Our Theory of Fun

Regardless of age, playing is one of the best ways to learn. Through fun and games we can learn valuable skills, cultivate habits, and even solve some of the most common problems we face in everyday life. This is Fourdesire's dream. We believe in the power of fun and entertainment to help make our lives healthier and happier, so that games become more than just games - they become a new way of experiencing life.

After the success of Plant Nanny, we gained some valuable experience and became even more focused on creating good products. With some valuable additions to our team, our creative process became more rigorous and more professional. At the same time, we became even more willing to try out new ideas and unique methods. In the years that followed, we tried launching a number of different products, but the majority of them saw little to no success.

We never imagined an app could make something as simple as drinking water so fun.
The things most people find boring are often the most important sources of motivation for us!
Wei Fan Chen, Producer

An Intergalactic Adventure

During the summer of 2014, after a year and a half of creative frustration, we released a brand new product: Walkr - Galaxy Adventure in Your Pocket. Walkr was designed to make exercise more fun by transforming the number of steps taken daily into "space fuel" that could be used to power an intergalactic spaceship and explore the galaxy, all from a smartphone. That same year, the Apple App Store honored Fourdesire's Plant Nanny with the award for Best Game of 2014. As our apps' users increased, so did our mission, and we became even more determined to keep going.

More Users, More Responsibility

In 2015 we moved our workspace to an office that could accommodate even more new additions to our team. As we continued to polish and improve Walkr, we also started a number of new projects. We still often stumbled, but as we learned from our mistakes and failures we also gained more valuable experience. In the summer of 2016, we released Walkr: Epic Fleet and once again gained significant recognition for our products. Meanwhile, new apps were in the works.

Users, Worldwide

The following year, in 2017, we released Fortune City. This time our aim was to make personal finance into something fun. Within a week Fortune City already had tens of thousands of users, giving even more meaning to all our hard work. Over the past two years we'd experienced plenty of failure and frustration, but we never stopped learning, building trust among our team, and instilling courage in our creative efforts. We've also become more humble. Now, as we move forward, we trust that we will be able to maintain the creative spirit that has brought us all this way, and continue to create fun in people's lives.

Fourdesire's Creative Spirit

is More Than Just Games

The games we make are more than just forms of entertainment. We develop apps for everyday life. From health and fitness to personal finance, we strive to make a real impact on the things that actually matter to people. The word 'game' takes on a deeper meaning at Fourdesire. Think of us as a group of wizards, working magic every day to transform dull daily tasks into fun experiences you look forward to having.

is More Than Just Design

Aside from just building games, the development of our apps involves deep consideration into design at every level. We pay attention to everything, from creating a beautiful user interface to incorporating truly interactive and experiential design. We're good at taking design elements from all over the place and bringing them together in new and unique ways. Through skillful and clever design, we can develop apps that let our users relax, have fun, and improve their lives.

is More Than Just Ourselves

Whenever we create, a part of us goes into the result. We maintain 100% authority over the creative direction and development of all our products. From our apps' characters and art to their mechanics and structure, we have complete freedom to make decisions and build things that are meaningful to us. At Fourdesire, we put our heart and soul into everything we create. We value the freedom to develop and grow in new ways. It's that freedom that gives us control over the creative process and development of all that we do.