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We believe fun is what makes for a better life. Everything we do starts with the goal of turning boring, routine activities into new ways of having fun.

Fourdesire merges fun with technology and design to build sleek, data-driven apps. We use fun as a guide for developing our products, but we also believe that together we can use having fun to solve a number of the real-life problems people face every day.

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One small step for you can be one giant leap for mankind! That's why we built Walkr to get people moving and encourage healthy exercise habits. Walkr makes use of your phone's internal pedometer for an immersive intergalactic adventure. Join one of the millions of user-created space teams and work together to reach a goal of 10,000 steps daily.

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To-Do Adventure is a personal productivity journal that makes to-do lists more fun! Helps you easily manage the day’s tasks, keep track of progress, and create detailed plans to achieve your goals and build the life you want.

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Do you think tracking expenses is boring? Mayor! Welcome back! Fortune City offers a unique approach to money management by combining regular expense tracking with a city simulation game. By simply logging daily transactions users can build a beautiful city that is all their own.

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We believe quality products come from a strong team and work culture. We focus on bringing together art and data to make our products attractive and intuitive so they can integrate easily into the lives of our users. As a team, we value communication and group discussion to provide direction for the development of our products.

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Plant Nanny was developed to help people cultivate healthy habits and feel good. The app reminds users to drink water at regular intervals with cute plants who grow and develop as users record how much water is consumed each day. Every sip you drink hydrates your body to make you - and the plants - healthier and happier!

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If you're like us, you believe in the power of fun to create a better life. If you're like us, you love being surrounded by creative, talented minds who support each other. No matter your background, if you're looking for an opportunity to have fun and develop your career, we look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Fourdesire family.

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